Hi everyone! My name is Viktoria & I'm from Germany. I lost 15kg (30 pounds) since February 2012 . Just by starting living healthy. I want to help everyone out there to achieve their goals. I started to work out and live healthier and I know that everyone of you who wants to make a change CAN. I still want to lose like 5-10kg , Oh and btw I'm 165cm tall.


Feel free to ask me anything you want but always remember: Everything I post is motivating to me and the way I handle the things. There's so much ways for loosing weight or getting fit and every human has it's own opinion about it. Everything I'm posting is what I learned and what I experienced so far. I gained a lot of knowledge and I would love to share it with you. So feel free to ask me whatever you want and I'll help you the best I can. x vik


    My free’s finally arrived!!!! Whoooooo :)

    My free’s finally arrived!!!! Whoooooo :)

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